Bohemia Market URL


Bohemia Market URL


Date: 8, May, 2024

Status: Active


Bohemia Market

Due to the illegal nature of the goods and services provided by the darknet markets, their lifespan is usually extremely short. The cause of death may differ, ranging from a law enforcement operation or cyberattack to a blunt exit scam. Occasionally, the market’s administration manages to go gracefully, like the White House Market did. But the result is always the same, you have to find a new place to shop or sell. If that’s your case, let us introduce you to one of the newly emerged candidates that might be worth your attention.

Basic Features & URLs

Long Story Short

Being a relatively new player (it was launched in June 2021), Bohemia strives to establish its reputation by being a market “Where Innovation Matters”. Although it doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking when it comes to security or products, here you can find some features that would make your shopping experience more convenient, like smart cart system, feedbacks for buyers and sellers alike, coupon codes, integration with Recon, etc. Sounds promising, so, let’s get a more detailed look at this new dark web online shopping platform.

Name Bohemia Market
Operating since June 2021
Status Active
Escrow with Multisig No
Traditional Escrow Yes
Finalize Early Yes
Accepted Currencies Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Onion URL http://bohemiaobko4cecexkj5xmlaove6yn726dstp5wfw4pojjwp6762paqd.onion
Short URL
2-factor Authentication with PGP encryption Yes (mandatory for vendors)
Vendor Bond $200 (established vendors can apply for a free of charge registration, if they prove to be trustworthy)
Commission 1-4%, depending on the vendor’s trust level
Wallet-free payment No

Onion URLs:

  • bohemiaouzbja4owqfovscp4ocr6mfelu47yysupqdomtabmhfiontyd.onion

How to Join

Clearly, Bohemia is the darknet market that prioritizes security and privacy over quick access. That’s why if you’re a neophyte to the dark web activities, you’ll have some searching and learning to do.

Before Accessing

Of course, DDoS protection comes first, so you’ll have to solve a captcha.

Then to avoid becoming a victim of phishing and any other malicious activity or government actions, you’ll need to:

  • Go to “Verify mirrors” page to compare the URLs and validate the PGP signature;
  • Download and save Bohemia PGP key if you’re a first-time user, or verify it if you already have an account;
  • Check the warrant canary message and validate it using PGP (darknet markets use these messages to notify users that the government issued a secret subpoena).

If any of these files have been contaminated, don’t access the website.

Registration & Logging In

Both processes are simple, quick, and, obviously, completely anonymous. The registration algorithm requires:

  1. Username;
  2. Password (+ password verification);
  3. Security PIN (+ PIN verification);
  4. Captcha.

Remember, that these credentials should not contain any personal information.

As soon as you become a registered user, you can sign in without a drop of sweat:

  1. Enter your username and password;
  2. Select the duration of your session;
  3. Fill in a captcha;
  4. Press the “Login” button.

Now you can start adjusting your profile settings in accordance with your preferences. However, some procedures are mandatory due to security reasons. For instance, you’ll need to use Bohemia’s Public PGP key to generate your Private key and use it to encrypt or decrypt all the communication and messages on the platform. Plus, you can use it for 2-FA, which means you’ll have to enter a PGP signed message alongside your username and password every time you log in. If you’re a buyer, this feature is optional, but for sellers this requirement is compulsory.

How to Purchase

Overall, Bohemia Market has a very modern and aesthetically pleasing design. It’s easy to navigate and presents its users with advanced search capabilities. Still, the market is almost a newborn in terms of time it’s been operating, so the number of vendors and their product selection are a bit limited.

What to Look For

Unsurprisingly, drugs is the largest category, but you can find other interesting items and sections here as well:

  • Drugs, including Cannabis & Hashish, Benzodiazepines, Dissociative drugs, Opioids, Opiates, Psychedelics, Ecstasy, Prescription drugs, Study drugs (Ritalin, Adderall, etc.), Steroids, and Stimulants;
  • Fraud (credit cards info, bank account details, etc.);
  • Counterfeit Items (fake documents, jewelry, money, etc.);
  • Software & Malware (exploit kits, botnets, etc.);
  • Digital Products (software, game keys, etc.),
  • Security & Hacking (VPN, SOCKS, hacking software, etc.).

Banned Products & Services

Following in the footsteps of many other contemporary markets, Bohemia decided to adopt the harm reduction policy. This means that vendors on this platform are not allowed to offer any of these products or services:

  • Weapons and other tools to harm living creatures (e.g. guns & explosives);
  • Fentanyl;
  • Laced drugs (including fentanyl-laced products);
  • Child pornography;
  • Materials containing abuse of animals or humans;
  • Guides and other materials on hurting or mistreating other living beings;
  • Terrorists’ paraphernalia;
  • Shady financial schemes (e.g. Ponzi scheme).

What to Check Before Placing an Order

Small markets have their advantages and disadvantages. Scammers rarely pick them, they are easy to monitor, they offer lucrative deals, but on the other hand they are usually unable to provide many shipping or payment options. In addition, Bohemia is a darknet marketplace, so safety precautions shouldn’t be overlooked. Therefore, when you find all the listings you want, make sure that you’ve checked all the parameters of your future deal, including:

  • Locations the seller can deliver the goods to. Of course, you’ll find suitable vendors for the most popular areas, like EU, UK, US, or Canada. Still, check if the seller ships internationally or can deliver the package to your address.
  • What cryptocurrencies are accepted by this particular vendor. It can be Bitcoin, Monero, or both. Generally, Monero has better privacy capabilities, but doesn’t provide decent Multisig options, in cased they will be introduced on the platform. Keep that in mind, when you choose.
  • If the vendor’s trust level is high enough. Of course, you have to study feedbacks and check ratings before making a purchase. The website is integrated with the Recon platform, thus, even if the seller is new, you can still see some references and feedbacks.

Payment System

Bohemia offers nothing new when it comes to payment options:

  • Basically, it uses the traditional Escrow system. This means that you transfer the money to the market’s account, and the vendor won’t receive the payment until the order is complete.
  • The Multisig feature is not available, at least yet. Multisig option means that at least two signatures are required to release and transfer the money. Therefore, it significantly increases your chance of getting a full refund in case something goes wrong.
  • Reputable vendors are eligible for the FE status. If you decide to strike that kind of deal, the seller gets the money as soon as the package is shipped. Surely, it’s faster, but it’s also more dangerous. So, in this case, it’s better to opt for the vendors you’ve already worked with.
  • Dark web markets use cryptocurrencies, so all the parties could remain anonymous. Hence, you have to transfer the sufficient amount of money to your account before placing an order. Although Bohemia offers automated deposits & withdrawals, due to the absence of wallet-free payments it would be wise to transfer the exact amount of BTC/XMR you need to avoid being exit scammed.
  • On this website, buyers get ratings and feedbacks too. So, remember to finalize the order as soon as you receive and check it.

Advertising Campaign

Undoubtedly, Bohemia is the new marketplace, so it exerts plenty of efforts to attract more users with its:

  • Affordable vendor bond ($200). For vendors who can prove their validity, even this fee can be waived.
  • Affiliated program & referral system. Users can use their referral link to invite other people to the platform. As a reward, the user gets 25% out of the market’s 1-4% commission as soon as this person makes the first purchase.

Benefits and Instruments for Efficient Trading

Even if you sell illegal goods, it’s still a business. That’s why instruments for advertising, marketing, or promoting your services can encourage buyers and vendors alike. Here you can enjoy the perks of:

  • Smart cart system for purchasing several products from one vendor in one transaction;
  • Statistics, metrics, and graphs for vendors;
  • Coupon codes for getting a discount;
  • Listings’ promotion;
  • Mass messaging to approach previous customers.


All in all, Bohemia is a growing market, but its reputation might become really solid in the near future. It already exhibits the signs of a promising marketplace:

  • It treats operations security with the attention it deserves (2-FA, forced PGP encryption, etc.).
  • Tries to create a safe community (harm reduction policy, strict rules).
  • Enables sellers and buyers to conduct business efficiently (smart cart, statistics, promotion capabilities, coupons, bidirectional ratings & feedbacks, trust levels for both buyers & vendors).

Of course, it lacks in scale and some advanced features, like Multisig or wallet-free payments. But they can improve these aspects in the future. Plus, if you use the market’s instruments wise enough, you can overcome these difficulties.