GammaGoblin (aka PushingTaboo)

GammaGoblin (aka Pushing Taboo): Overview & Shopping Tips

First, let’s clarify that the GammaGoblin platform, also known as Pushing Taboo, is not a darknet market because it would imply a place where buyers meet sellers for trading purposes. This is a shop where you can obtain specific goods (drugs, to be precise) from only one merchant. Indeed, it narrows your choice when it comes to products and vendors. Yet, it compensates for it with lower prices, simpler security requirements, and more user-friendly navigation.

Darknet marketplaces constantly go off the radar due to DDoS attacks, law enforcement operations, or exit scams. Naturally, it vexes sellers as strongly as buyers. Hence, what can deter a reputable and renowned vendor from opening a personal store? Now, let’s see if this idea has a chance to be a success.

Basic Traits

Main Features

What to Expect

What You Won’t Find

Established: January 2012

Psychedelics. Mainly it’s European market LSD, but you can witness an occasional appearance of 2C-B, MDMA, or other similar substances

Other types of goods & services

Previous markets: Silk Road (v1 & v2), Sheep Marketplace, Black Market Reloaded, Evolution, Middle Earth, and Black Bank

Lower prices (compared to the marketplaces due to the absence of commission and other fees)

Advanced payment methods. There is only one vendor and no third party. Thus, traditional or multisig escrow, wallet-free payments, or finalize early deals lose their meaning.

Specialization: Drugs

Limited functionality, but easy-to-use interface

Enhanced security features (e.g., 2-factor authentication with PGP encryption, mnemonic phrase, PIN, etc.)

Accepted cryptocurrency: Bitcoin


Possibility to become a vendor. Yet, you might still ask whether they are eager to present other business opportunities.

Gamma Goblin URL


Official clearnet link

Getting Started

Essentially, GammaGoblin is way easier to figure out than any darknet marketplace: you don’t even need to solve a captcha before accessing the site. Any visitor is allowed to study the platform’s interface, rules, modus operandi, and product range without signing up. However, such small shops tend not to have an extensive amount of funds and manpower to invest in comprehensive functionality. Therefore, some issues you’ll have to handle on your own.

First, you need to take care of PGP encryption. It is vital to encipher your communication and personal details. You should get a trusted PGP client before you proceed with the registration process ‘cause, in addition to the traditional set of username and password, you’ll have to enter your public PGP key.

As soon as you’re done with creating your account, use your credentials to log in. Yes, it is that simple. Surprisingly easy for a dark web portal, right?

It can be even more effortless because you can shop without any registration. The site will automatically assign you a username and a password after you place your order. Still, keep in mind that these details are essential to track your package. Hence, you should save them and treat them with caution.

How to Stay Safe

Of course, it is still a dangerous environment with illicit goods. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on certain aspects of your activity to avoid facing undesired consequences:

  • Double-check that you’re using the right link to access the GammaGoblin. Otherwise, you risk getting phished. You can save mirrors from the official website or dedicated topics on Dread and The Majestic Garden.
  • Store your credentials & PGP keys in a safe place that only you have access to, and make sure that they are completely unrelated to your real-life persona.
  • Open onion URLs with the Tor browser with the Safest Security Level (disabled JavaScript).
  • Turn on your VPN (friendly reminder: the ones with a no-logs policy are more secure).
  • Draw a clear line between your darknet business and casual browsing. Do not cross it.
  • Install a dedicated operating system with enhanced privacy capabilities, such as Whonix or Tails.
  • Educate yourself on topics that will definitely be relevant to you, including operations security and cryptocurrency.

Ordering Process

Naturally, you’ll start with choosing the product you’d like to purchase. Their selection heavily depends on what’s in stock right now. Thus, the list of categories varies with time. However, you won’t find anything here besides psychedelics (primarily LSD). Plus, it won’t take long to check all the listings because it’s not a marketplace – it’s just one vendor.

For now, you can browse:

  • LSD (available in crystal & blotter form with custom-made prints or a special changa blend);
  • 2C-B;
  • MDMA;
  • other related substances.

When you find something that sparks joy inside of you, select the amount you’d like to obtain and press ‘Add to cart’. What’s next?

  1. Pick your preferred delivery option. You can go with either untracked or registered mail. The first one enables both sender and recipient to preserve their anonymity, while the second one is for those who prefer to track the order and reduce the risks of it getting lost.
  2. Fill in your shipping details.
  3. Use the store’s PGP key to encrypt the data.
  4. Transfer the funds (ensure that the sum is enough to complete the payment). If you fail to perform the transaction within 2 hours, the order will be canceled automatically.
  5. Wait for the package to arrive. Remember that shipping (especially one with illegal goods) is a delicate process and many unpredictable complications are possible. In most cases, the delivery takes up to 3 weeks, but occasionally the waiting period can fluctuate between 3 and 28 days.


Average delivery speed

(in days)

Maximum number of days




USA & Canada




New Zealand


Central & South America






Don’t Lose Sight

Indeed, GammaGoblin doesn’t force you to be the operations security expert. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you should be nonchalant about it. Tomfoolery is always nice, but treating serious matters with the gravity they deserve might be beneficial for your safety. Therefore, do not dismiss these steps:

  • Go to The Majestic Garden, Dread, Reddit, or other reliable platforms to study the reviews and confirm that this site is trustworthy. You can also use these web pages to verify that the URL you have is the right one.
  • Read the description attentively and check if the quantity limits satisfy your demands (plus, see if they have enough of the product available).
  • Choose delivery options carefully and opt for the one that suits your requirements best. Keep in mind that even though the tracking number gives you hope that everything’s not lost when something goes wrong, this will cost you an extra $200 and might sabotage your anonymity because you have to write your signature to get the package.
  • Check that both your full name and address allow you to receive the order. If you provide incorrect info, you won’t be able to lay your hands on the goods, and this will be your fault, not the vendor’s. Of course, encrypt your personal details, and refrain from turning to third-party services, such as Privnote, to generate you an address.
  • Take a closer look at the countries that the shop ships to because your country might not be on the list. Currently, they don’t send items to Egypt, Russia, and Belarus.
  • Be scrupulous with your payments. Follow the instructions precisely and make sure that you transfer the exact amount to cover all your expenses (no more, no less).

In Case of Emergency

  1. Don’t panic. It might be something routine and easily solvable.
  2. Is your package substantially delayed? If your mail is registered, write to the website’s administration and ask for a tracking number. Generally, it is not provided to you from the start for security reasons. But when the situation becomes problematic, it might clarify the shipment’s status.
  3. If you see that the case is hopeless and the package isn’t reaching your shores, ask for a reshipment or a refund. Yet, trust is a two-way street. Thus, these variants will be granted to you, provided that you are a recurring customer. Still, you should go on and ask anyway because the admins just need first-timers to prove that they are not trying to deceive anyone.

The amount you are entitled to receive as a refund is determined by the delivery’s destination and the chosen shipping option.


Main Locations

Regions with strict customs:

Europe: Scandinavia, Baltic countries, and Serbia);

Australia & New Zealand;

South America: Colombia & Chile;





100% reship/50% refund

50% reship/35% refund

50% reship/35% refund

Final Thoughts

Generally, darknet markets are insurmountably more popular than the stores. However, it doesn’t mean that this niche is empty. Pushing Taboo is reputable and notable in the dark web community. Hence, it has a big enough fan base to stay profitable without the support of any marketplace.

Its product range is limited to psychedelics, and it is not as secure or functional as markets. But it rewards its clients for their trust with lower prices and high-quality goods. If you seek this type of product, you should pay GammaGoblin a visit.