Crypto Mixer Review

What is CryptoMixer?


Bitcoin blenders are software services that allow you to mix your coins to ensure data protection. Any cryptocurrency transaction leaves a trail, which makes it easy to get access to your financial history. Oftentimes, these services are associated with illegal activities. However, there might be various reasons why people wish to keep their data private. And mainly they have nothing to do with any form of crime. The fact that any payments, purchases, or donations you make might expose your private information is disturbing to many individuals. These providers heavily depend on user trust, which is hard to acquire.

Mixing services are broadly divided into two categories. Centralized blenders are those in which the provider controls the entire mixing procedure. It is quite flexible, easy to implement, and highly compatible with many cryptocurrency wallet solutions. The shortcoming is that the provider has data of the input-output relation.

Decentralized mixers were designed to fix the downsides of centralized mixing. Multiple users join together to conduct one significant transaction. They require downloading a client software program. Using an unknown application might be a discouraging factor to new users. So this model is harder to implement and it often has lots of limitations.

Even though centralized mixers have more potential for fraud, they still remain dominant in the industry.

CryptoMixer is a centralized blender that focuses on maintaining your financial transactions secure. It promotes itself as a trustworthy company that protects its reputation with the greatest efforts. The crypto mixer uses its own algorithms to prevent data breaches. It guarantees that no third party can receive access to any transaction details. Compared to other blenders, the provider has one major difference. Due to the size of its reserve, users can conduct quite large transactions.

How Does It Work?

Since the crypto mixer onion site has a large reserve of coins, it helps to provide high-level security. When the assets are sent to the platform, the system combines them with a series of random transactions. This algorithm makes it impossible to precisely determine the source and final destination of the coins. So it allows users to spend, store, and share cryptocurrency without their details becoming public. The mixing service makes money by charging a fee from each operation. The size of the reserve allows the provider to quickly execute all transactions.

Many cryptocurrency blenders use Tor hidden services along with «clearnet». So does CryptoMixer. Browsing the clearnet is not anonymous. Users can be identified by their IP address. For this reason, the provider recommends accessing the platform through Tor. This network anonymizes both the user and the operator. It helps keep your IP and other information hidden from the public eye.

Why You Should Mix Your Crypto

Bitcoin is usually described as an anonymous currency, but it is a misleading statement. The system itself is pseudonymous, which means the addresses are not directly linked to the identity. However, the Blockchain is an open database. Using identification methods makes it possible to trace all your financial transactions.

Main Features of

  • Protecting Privacy. The platform ensures security by using complex encryption algorithms. It diminishes the risks of the public ledger analysis. Besides that, the system assigns a unique code to every user, which helps avoid mixing their new coins with the ones they previously sent. The website does not store any data that can be used to identify their clients. The provider claims to be fully committed to its zero-log policy. The details of all transactions are regularly deleted from the system in 24 hours. The company recommends setting up a custom fee to ensure safety. With a fixed fee, it is easy to trace the transaction data.
  • Large Reserve of BTC. The reserve exceeds 2000 BTC, which makes it easy to conduct transactions with a large amount of currency without needing to wait for someone else to exchange their currency.
  • Low Fee. Unlike other mixers, the website offers low fees that start at 0.5% +0.0005 BTC per address. The service has a discount system. So the commission can be even lower if you mix a large number of coins on a regular basis. For instance, 0.25% for 1000 BTC. The highest rate is 3%.
  • Mobile Compatibility. The service is compatible with mobile devices. It also provides API for developers.
  • According to the CryptoMixer review, the interface is simple and intuitive. The mixing procedure is also easy and quick. There is no need to register, so you can start exchanging your currency as soon as you open the page and press «Start». The platform provides a calculator on the main page to calculate the percentage of your funds’ distribution. It also offers time delays, so users can set a timer to delay the mixing procedure. It can be set for each output address. The number of delay hours depends on the fee rates. Besides that, the provider offers an affiliate program with 50 % payouts. The minimum transaction size is set to 0.001 BTC. Smaller amounts are considered to be donations and are not sent back to the customer.

The blender pays much attention to its client service. In case any issues arise, the customer support provides quick responses almost at any time.

Is CryptoMixer Safe and Legit?

Is CryptoMixer safe? This is likely one of the major concerns for those who do not know much about cryptocurrency blenders.

CryptoMixer has been providing its services since 2016. It has managed to gain an appropriate degree of trust in the industry.

The mixer provides its customers with a Letter of Guarantee, which is a confirmation with an electronic signature. It helps verify that the address was generated by the blender’s server. This also guarantees the assets are transferred to the right destination wallet.

According to the crypto mixer reviews, this service is fast and to a certain extent reliable.

Pros & Cons



Low fees

Centralized blender

Privacy protection

Limited delay time

Large BTC reserve

Not a very clear fee model

Mobile compatibility

Access to API

Intuitive user interface