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June 2022

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Bitcoin (BTC)

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Yes (50% or 100%)

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$150 (can be waived for the sellers with at least one sale on other markets)


5% (traditional escrow) or 4% (multisig escrow)

Commission for withdrawals

1% (+ network fee)

Wallet-free payments


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MGM Grand, a somewhat smaller darknet market in operation since April 2021, has recently gained popularity due to other markets either shutting down or becoming inaccessible. According to the market’s statistics, it currently accommodates 366 vendors and approximately 6,000 active purchasers. What sets MGM Grand apart is its modern, sleek design which offers not only ease of navigation but also mobile compatibility. This implies that orders can be conveniently placed from mobile devices equipped with a Tor browser, a feature that is uncommon in other darknet markets.





One of the distinguishing features of MGM Grand that sets it apart from most other darknet markets is its mobile-responsive design. This means that users can effortlessly navigate and place orders using a mobile device without needing JavaScript. Another unique feature of MGM Grand is the provision of an “indemnity fund.” This fund is designed to compensate buyers who fall victim to unscrupulous vendors, as indicated by a message presented during the checkout process.


MGM Grand is the only market that do have an indemnity fund to protect buyers from exit scams but you need to understand that we are not an insurance company. We’ll try to compensate you as much as we can but your due diligence will greatly help in reducing scams.”

Advantages of MGM Grand

  • The website has a neat design with an incredibly user-friendly interface.
  • It offers mobile accessibility.
  • MGM Grand is widely considered reliable and proficient.
  • A well-designed filter system enables easy product location.

Drawbacks of MGM Grand

  • The platform appears to have a slightly relaxed stance on user security (PGP not mandatory).
  • It does not accept XMR or other privacy-centric cryptocurrencies.
  • User accounts must be funded via deposits, with all funds retained by the market.
  • The experienced vendors provide service in limited areas.

Final Thoughts

As MGM Grand nears its two-year mark at the time of writing this guide, it’s enjoying a surge in popularity, partly due to the recent unavailability or closure of several major competitors. Users have given the market positive reviews, citing its competence and trustworthiness. However, it seems to place a considerable amount of security risk on its users, given its lack of support for XMR, use of static BTC addresses, and absence of mandatory PGP encryption or 2-FA. Despite these concerns, MGM Grand has been running smoothly without any interruptions or downtime, amassing a significant user base.

As with any market, potential issues arising from an exit scam or unexpected closure can be minimized. Users should only maintain a necessary amount of BTC in their account wallet, limit their orders to small purchases, and restrict themselves to one order at a time. While MGM Grand is known for its user-friendly interface and mobile device accessibility, it’s not designed for beginners. Users are advised to maintain optimal operational security when placing any type of order on the market.

  • Membership and Offerings: It has approximately 6,000 active members and offers around 16,000 different products. The market is primarily used for purchasing drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and other psychotropic substances. Additionally, it provides a variety of goods such as benzodiazepines, research chemicals, marijuana, MDMA, fraud-related items, digital goods, guides, and tutorials​
  • Rules and Restrictions: It enforces strict rules prohibiting the distribution of pornographic material, sale of prohibited items, any form of fraud, sharing of personal information, and communication outside the trading platform. Certain items, like weapons, forbidden data, and contract executions, are categorically banned​

  • Comparative Advantage and Reputation: Compared to other darknet markets, MGM Grand Market’s unique feature is its support for a mobile interface. Although it has a good overall reputation with mostly positive reviews, there are occasional complaints about scams. Users are advised to deal only with trusted vendors​

  • User Preferences and Drawbacks: Users appreciate its large selection of goods, mobile interface support, fast withdrawal speed, convenient interface, and safety measures ensuring anonymity. However, it also has drawbacks such as negative feedback mainly due to unscrupulous vendors, limited variety of goods, lack of customer support, and absence of support for popular cryptocurrencies like Monero​


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1 year ago

Market is good.
No connection issues.

Improvements are in order though like XMR support.

And withdrawal speed.

1 year ago

hi im having trouble reaching this site, its my first time but my TOR browser works great but i keep getting a message saying this site could not be reached..

1 year ago

Dscount your java script

1 year ago

I want to know if this site is legitimate

1 year ago

I ordered from GermanTraffic on MGM Grand Market and never got the product. When I inquired about it I got a lame excuse that I failed to request a tracking number. Beware of this vendor.