Darknet Markets Links 2024

What is Darknet Markets?

When something is hidden from the public eye, there is always room for speculations. Darknet is not an exception. Even as the time goes by, and it gets more accessible than ever, dark web is still surrounded by plenty of misconceptions or stereotypes. So, is it the last stronghold of privacy on the Internet or a safe house for criminals? Let’s find out.

Please note that accessing Darknet markets involves significant risks and illegal activities. It is crucial to exercise caution and abide by the laws of your jurisdiction. We strongly advise against engaging in any illegal activities or transactions on the Dark Web. This information is provided for informational purposes only and does not endorse or promote illegal activities. Use at your own discretion and risk.

Latest Darknet News

Key Points Details
Darknet Market Revenue Revenue declined from $3.1 billion in 2021 to $1.5 billion in 2021.
Hydra Market Impact Despite its shutdown in April 2022, it was the top earner with a turnover exceeding $1 billion.
Emergence of New Markets Post-Hydra, markets like Mega, Blacksprut, and OMG!OMG! emerged. OMG!OMG! had sales of $12.15 million in its first month, while Mega received nearly $40 million in March 2023.
Darknet Conflicts Since summer 2022, major conflicts involving rumors, doxing, and DDoS attacks have been observed.
Cryptocurrency Cash-out Services Post-Hydra, these services had to reestablish on new platforms. Commissions varied based on the “cleanness” of the cryptocurrency.
Darknet Offerings Popular offerings include stolen records, malware, phishing kits, and vulnerability exploits. Exploits sell for $2,000 to over $10,000 based on sophistication.
Darknet’s Resilience Despite frequent takedowns and disruptions, the darknet remains resilient with a robust illicit economy.


What Is the Dark Web?

Generally, complete anonymity and invisibility to the search engines are the two essential features that define the darknet. Despite the common assumption, its use is not limited to buying and selling illicit products. After all, the purpose of protecting privacy initially meant avoiding censorship, political prosecution, and proclaiming the highest value of free speech. Thus, as the regulations of online presence have become stricter over the years, the darknet evolved into a place where the Internet exists in its most unfiltered state.

Dark web or Deep Web?

First, let’s get the definitions and conceptual framework that we operate in straight. The structure of the Internet is commonly portrait as an iceberg, where only 4% of all the websites are indexed by the search engines, or, metaphorically speaking, displayed on the surface (“surface net” or “clearnet”). This category includes the platforms that we all know, such as YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Reddit, Google, etc. This layer of the Internet is simple, visible, and accessible, there is nothing here that needs further explanation.

Yet, the remaining 96% known as “the deep web” indeed calls for a thorough research. Plainly, this term incorporates all the web pages that don’t appear in the search results. Actually, it is a large section comprised of:

  • corporate portals,
  • financial records,
  • databases for the particular audience,
  • subscription only sites, etc.

Evidently, most of this content isn’t even remotely connected to any criminal activity. On the contrary, major part of these websites uses encryption and other security measures to protect the privacy of their users. Still, 6% of these domains promote a complete anonymity among their visitors. For that reason, you can gain access to these resources only via special anonymizing software, such as Tor browser. This subcategory of the deep web is what we commonly refer to as the “dark web” or dark web links 2024

Check this video to see what sites you should visit before entering Darknet:


Here you can find almost everything that is banned on the clearnet, including books, films, news, information leakages, etc. You can even join the Dark Web Social Network (DWSN) to make friends, like and comment on posts or chat on forums. However, you’ll have to stay completely anonymous, but this requirement is understandable for a darknet social media platform. In addition, even the Facebook joined the dark side and created a hidden version of its website to bend some legal boundaries.

However, the dark web is a place where naive and idealistic beliefs should be put aside. Indeed, people created this space with the noble intentions in mind. But with almost complete absence of punishment and personal responsibility, there is always a room for fraud, scamming, stealing, cheating, or something even worse. Therefore, if you decided to join the darknet community, you should proceed with caution. Otherwise, you’re jeopardizing your security and risk encountering some rather unpleasant things, like:

  • cyberattacks,
  • terrorism,
  • child pornography,
  • information disclosure,
  • ransomware,
  • weapons,
  • human trafficking,
  • money laundering, etc.

Important Conclusions

  • Deep web = no public visibility
  • Dark web = no search engines results + access through specific anonymizing software
  • Darknet always means going “deep”, but the deep web doesn’t necessarily mean going “dark”
  • Usually, deep web is mainly comprised of completely legal websites, and darknet doesn’t automatically imply something malicious
  • Yet, the dark web is a dangerous place, and users should not forget about it under any circumstances.

Dark web content according to the study of Gareth Owen of Portsmouth University.

How Do the Darknet Markets Operate?

Of course, it is impossible to cover every type of the websites published in the dark web. Hence, let’s focus on the main subject of the article, the darknet markets. Obviously, special places to trade illicit goods or render illegal services have existed since the beginning of times. But with the help from technological progress now you can do that comfortably in your chair instead of going to some suspicious alley in the back of the street.

Commonly, this kind of marketplaces is no different from any other online shopping platforms. Darknet markets exist with the purpose to provide vendors and buyers with a platform to find each other and strike a mutually beneficial deal. The onion link used for Tor browser might look a little confusing, but all the other elements of the interface are the same as on Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress. Sure, the lists of item don’t match, plus, some additional preparations in terms of security and payment are in order, but the ordering procedure follows all the basic steps:

  1. Select the category you are looking for
  2. Choose the product or service you like
  3. Read the information on the vendor, delivery process, price, additional costs, etc.
  4. Check the reviews (pay attention to the ones that sound reasonable and scrupulous because those that bear no significant information might be forged too)
  5. Add the product to your card
  6. Fill in the order form (usually, it’s up to the buyer to decide whether to use his/her real name or come up with a fake one)
  7. Pick up the most suitable delivery option
  8. Pay for your order
  9. Wait for the package to arrive
  10. Mark the goods as received and enjoy your new purchase.

Of course, such marketplaces were designed to present a whole range of illegal or semi-legal products and services. Here are some of the most popular categories the dark web can present.


Obviously, drugs are the largest segment of any darknet markets. Vendors sell illegal, recreational, and prescription drugs, such as Cannabis, Ecstasy, and Steroids. They offer pills, edibles, powder, seeds, or any other shape/form to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.


Traditionally, this section incorporates items related to the financial and business matters. You go there if you want to buy credit/debit card, login, or bank account details.


This unit includes pieces of code or software dedicated to cyberattacks, such as Botnets, Malware, Exploits, and many others.


This segment is for those who strive to find luxurious items that would look just like genuine brand products, but cost less due to their counterfeit origin.


This category is very vague and may contain almost anything. For instance, providers can freely render such services as fake documents or accounts, carding, and hacking.

The dark web commerce might seem unethical. However, the majority of marketplace values its reputation and prohibit certain items and services that might damage it. Generally, the most common among the banned ones are:

  • Hitman services
  • Any products/services causing harm to humans and animals
  • Terrorism supporting goods/services
  • Weapons, explosives and poisons
  • Fentanyl or similar substances.


Despite the user-friendly and familiar interface of the darknet markets, it is still a place where many criminals find their victims. So, remember to always be on guard.

Dark Web and Cryptocurrencies

Financial matters are always tricky to address. It is especially complicated when it comes to the darknet transactions because both customer and seller have to remain anonymous. Cryptocurrencies really became a viable solution for this problem. Most of the dark web marketplaces allow to process the payments in Bitcoins (BTC) or Monero (XMR). If you cannot choose between them keep in mind that:

  • Bitcoin is easier to acquire and spend
  • Monero is more secure in terms of privacy.

Despite the rising popularity of the cryptocurrencies, it might still be a challenge to purchase them before placing an order. However, the majority of the darknet markets publishes an explicit guide with detailed instructions and a list of trusted wallets.

Generally, darknet trading platforms apply the Escrow system to process the payments. This means that you pay the money and the marketplace transfers it to the vendor’s account after a deal is finalized. In case you’re dealing with the trusted and familiar seller, some websites allow the Finalize Early (FE) option. Moreover, some dark web markets have started to incorporate the Multisig system. This implies that the owner of the Bitcoin funds requires multiple signatures to perform a transaction. This feature is intended to make the financial operations even more secure.

How to Access the Darknet?

The most essential characteristic of the dark web is its unprecedented level of anonymity. It is achieved through advanced encryption and traffic bouncing techniques. Due to the technological progress, even users with the minimal expertise in cybersecurity can explore the depths of the darknet. Moreover, onion or Tor solutions are now available for both mobile and desktop devices.

Desktop Dark Web Solutions

The most common and convenient way to access the dark web is to download & install the Tor browser. This software enables you to surf both the clearnet and the darknet. It automatically routes all the traffic through the Tor Network, allowing you to stay anonymous. You can find Tor solutions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Many darknet marketplaces uses .onion links that are only visible in the Tor browser.

Tor browser interface screenshot.

If you are looking for a more enhanced security capabilities, like advanced peer-to-peer routing and one-way tunnels, you should use invisible internet project (I2P) software. However, this application doesn’t allow browsing public networks and requires additional configuration after the installation.

Freenet is a relatively new option that doesn’t require a server to host connect. It operates in opennet and darknet modes. When you want to connect with a group of your friends or other trusted users, you apply the darknet mode. You should use opennet mode if you want the system to automatically assign peers on the network. This solution is easy to download, install, and run, but it has plenty of room for improvement because it still hasn’t fully passed the development stage.