Here, at DarknetPages, we would like to share some basic information about us.

After reading this page, our users will better understand our mission and the peculiarities of our workflow.

Those people who have been using our services for a while should know a thing or two about us already.

But most would be curious to get to know our principles.

Here we go.

  • We are a team of like-minded individuals who collect information on everything that is related to the darknet and share this data with public.
  • We launched this site as our hobby and not our main work or primary source of income. There are ads on our site. We keep running this project because we sincerely love it and not because it makes us rich.
  • We don’t track our users and don’t store any analytics.
  • We started this project soon after the authorities took down one of the most respectable sources of news about the darknet. From the onset, we tried to make information about the markets accessible to everyone. We have been reporting about scams, security risks and operations conducted by law enforcement. We hope that we contribute to making the darknet a safer place. Our team strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. We are proud to say that within the first 2 or 3 months of our site’s existence, we have accumulated a huge readership. Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors appreciated our efforts and began to spread the word about us. We owe our success to the fact that we are working legally. And we are extremely grateful for the support that we receive from the community.
  • This resource is intended for researchers only. We can’t vouch for any Darknet sites. (But you can check comments for any Darknet market on the site)
  • Our team has vast experience and expertise with the diverse darknet and fraud communities that we collect our data from. For instance, we were aware of the first Silk Road for nearly 2 years before it went bust.
  • We treat all markets equally. We do not have favorites that we would be trying to promote. We are focused not on the people who run the markets or the brands of different markets. Instead, we are concentrated on the interactions of all parties involved: vendors, consumers, moderators, administrators and so on. We strive to be as honest and precise as possible. By no means will we attempt to spread false or misleading information among our audience. Recommending a scam project to our readers would be the last thing that we wanted to do.
  • Our team is ready to collaborate with journalists. We have already done it in the past and we will be happy to repeat it in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think that we could help you with anything. We will not lay out any conditions for our assistance or ask for financial remuneration. We are glad to help unbiased media for free.
  • The list of hidden marketplaces is the most popular page of our site. Sometimes people would offer us money to remove projects from the list, add them there or change their status. But this will never happen! We play fair and third parties cannot influence us by paying us.

Thank you for your attention! We appreciate your trust and we will keep on providing you with darknet news, trends and analytics.


DarknetPages Team