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Converting #

Converting in an important step you should always use to help keep coins from coming back to your real identity. As stated before you should always try to stick with XMR when possible. However some vendors or services do not accept XMR, in the case you can safely convert back to bitcoin and be on your way. For some it is just easier to buy bitcoin from an exchange with your real identity. We can break the chain so that these coins are no longer linked to your identity.

In this guide we are going to talk about using Elude or Kilos. A list of other Exchangers is below.

If this is your first time converting, or you are not very comfortable changing coins in terminal you should stick to using Elude or Kilos. Elude and Kilos are a darknet service that is very active on dread. If you have any issues or questions you can easily get in touch with them on their subdread /d/Elude /d/Kilos

Changers #

Here is a list of some other changers you can try out!

Website JS Required? Hidden service? Support Notes
Godex Yes* No [email protected] *can be used without JS with
Elude No Yes [email protected] or /u/Elude not a caution: not a registered business
Xchange No Yes [email protected]
Kilos No Yes [email protected], read this XMR/BTC exchange. caution: not a registered business
flyp Yes No [email protected]

**Note:**If you previously used morphtoken (morphscript) they now block tor exit nodes, you should switch to a different service.

**Note2:** has shut down their service.