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Bitcoin to Monero/Litecoin

Bitcoin to Monero/Litecoin #

This chapter is going to focus on converting your current Bitcoin to Monero or Litecoin.

Everything with Bitcoin can be viewed on the blockchain. If you started with Bitcoin that could be tied to your identity, or you want to convert your Bitcoin to Monero (recommended) start here.

How you bought your coins does not matter when you follow this path to break the chain to your identity: For our example here we are going to use Elude and Kilos. A list of of other exchanges can be found on /d/Monero . Once you have done converting a few times you might want to try using a script. More info on using scripts can be found on /d/Monero


  • Send your coins from your exchange to your private wallet.

NOTE: Always keep “clean” coins in this wallet. This wallet should NEVER send coins directly to a market as it could be linked to you.

  • Enter the address that you would like your XMR coins to be sent to.
  • Send your bitcoin to the address shown.
  • Click check status of transfers, and make a note of the exchange status key.
  • Wait for your XMR to arrive.


  • Enter your Monero address where it says Where should we send your coins?
  • Send BTC
  • Change Get BTC to Get XMR (or Litecoin)
  • Create coin swap
  • Send your coins to the Deposit address that is shown
  • Make sure you make a note of the Swap ID, and get a copy of the PGP signed proof so if you have any issues the Kilos staff can help you!

This is the path your coins just took: Exchange-> BTCWallet1-> Elude/Kilos-> XMR wallet (or Litecoin).