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Frequently Asked Questions #

Why am I getting Javascript warnings? #

Read about why here.

Can’t I just use a burner phone instead of a secure OS? #

No. Cell phones are not secure at all. They have a lot of exploits in them. Go on craigslist/ebay whatever buy a laptop that is a few years old. It does not need to be anything special or expensive.

Do I really need to convert my coins if I’m only buying personal amounts? #

Yes! You wouldn’t just hand a dealer drugs in front of LE in real life, don’t do it here.

What are the odds of (INSERT DRUG) getting seized? or my door getting kicked in? #

No one can give you a 100% answer on this. If you read through the entire bible you can greatly minimize your risk. If you select a vendor that has complete shit stealth, order from a hot country the odds will go up.