Check verified Darknet market list.

Resources #

The services listed here are for you to use at your own risk. Most are widely used and trusted, but you should never blindly trust any service.

Service name Description of service
Erowid Erowind is a service focused on education, and harm reduction. Click here for other harm reduction resources.
Dread Dread is a darknet Reddit style forum.
Recon Recon is a darknet market, and vendor search engine. Use this to locate vendors or do resarch on them
Dark Fail Darkfail is service where you can get onions of markets, or other services
XMR Guide The XMR guide will teach you everything about monero!
Dark Net Live Dark net news, and onion monitoring.
Tails Tails is the the go to operating system
Tor If you’re reading this. Chances are you’re using tor