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April 2022 – Exit Scam! Try another darknet market



It seems like the dark web is undergoing one of the most groundbreaking shifts in its history. Any service related to selling illegal goods is no stranger to government powers, undermining their existence. Cyberattacks and exit scams are also common motives among the darknet markets for fleeing the scene.

However, during the past few months, the biggest conceptual leap unexpectedly took place. Several renowned platforms (ToRReZ, White House Market, and Cannazon, to be precise) decided to gracefully retire, saving plenty of money & trouble to their users by allowing them to withdraw the funds within a reasonable amount of time.

Yet, many markets continue to mysteriously disappear like Monopoly, Cartel, and Liberty, leaving the audience to wonder whether they exit scammed (the case of Empire market is a classic illustration of this tale as old as time) or shut down by a law enforcement operation, such as AlphaBay which was recently revived (allegedly, by one of its former administrators).

Of course, the dark web is immensely resilient. Hence, both vendors and buyers will efficiently regroup and find a new place to conduct their illicit business. Although a vast number of new marketplaces flooded the darknet lately, there are certain websites that are operating long enough to become known as a safe harbor for all types of illegal activity. Dark0de Market is a perfect example of such a place.

Surely, Dark0de is far from dominating the entire darknet market, as AlphaBay did back in the day. But, as reported by Flare, a well-known provider of very robust solutions for digital protection, Dark0de Market is one of the most impactful e-commerce platforms nowadays. Let’s see if the website really can live up to these high standards.

The data was published in November 2021 by Flare.



The first Dark0de market existed from 2007 to 2015 and was a forum-based trading place. This Dark0de market emerged in May 2020 and is not a direct successor of the true original platform. Still, its admins pledge to stay committed to the legacy and adhere to the same principles as the predecessor.

Naturally, a reputable name managed to induce some former Dark0de buyers and sellers to the new site. Yet, there are other advantages that attract people to this particular provider. Modern Dark0de presents its users with proven functionalities combined with new technologies and a well-versed design.

Basic Features


Launched May 2020
Current Status Running
Specialization Universal
Number of Listings ~ 70 000
Traditional Escrow Yes
Escrow with Multisig Yes
Accepted Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) & Monero (XMR)
URL darkode3dfqeb4y7l3rpmhdtbao2pdducx6uedrnlcvbsfkesfg2u7id.onion
Short URL dark.pe/d0d
Finalize Early (FE) Yes, for eligible vendors
2-factor authentication with PGP encryption Yes
Vendor Bond $200 (Level 1), $1000 (Level 2/Gold), $2000 (Level 3/Diamond)
Commission 3.5% for buyers & sellers alike
Withdrawal fee 1.5% (no withdrawal limits)
Wallet-free payments No

Dark0de Market Dark Web Link

Dark0de is a darknet market. Thus, you can access it solely via the onion link. Tor browser is the most preferable solution in this case. It permits you to surf both clearnet and deep web. Plus, it has mobile and desktop versions.