Yet Another Amphetamine Vendor Arrested in Austria

Towards the end of September 2016, Customs Officers in Frankfurt, Germany, intercepted a package that contain 500 grams of amphetamine paste. This package, like so many similar package seizures conducted at the hands of Customs Officers at the same Customs Office, sparked an investigation into the declared recipient. After several more package seizures, investigators made their move.

A 24 year old living in Hallein, Austria preferred the packages. The official press release from the Salzburg police explained that the young man ordered “several more” packages as well. Some newspapers wrote that he ordered—or authorities seized—five more packages. However, the only figure that represented the quantity of drugs from the mail came from the first package. 500 grams of amphetamine paste.

Amphetamines are—just like the package seizures at the Frankfurt Customs Office—a commonality in such arrests. In this region, authorities seemingly collect darknet vendors by intercepting amphetamine. Next to weapons, amphetamine packages indirectly contribute to the overwhelming majority of DeepDotWeb’s news updates about EU vendor arrests.

However, the 24-year-old kept other substances as well: cocaine, coca leaf, amphetamine not described as paste, and marijuana. Furthermore, this vendor also owned a “taser” or

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