What The Tiv Nation Needs From The Tor Tiv

I congratulate the Tor Tiv, Orcivirigh Professor James Ayatse, once again, as we prepare for his coronation next, 17th February, 2017. May his ays be longer than those of your predecessors! Tiv kingship, starting in Nigeria from 1945/`46, has been marked by political and intellectual neglect. Political, because successive governments, starting from pre-independent Nigeria, have treated the stool with little respect. On the other hand, the Tiv Traditional Institution has suffered intellectual neglect, because there is a near absence of records on achievements and contributions of Tiv Kings, starting from Orcivirigh Makir Dzakpe, even though this first Tiv King laid his life for humanity in general and Nigeria in particular in the 2nd World War, while his successors contributed at different levels to the intellectual and cultural development of Nigeria.


These twin neglect of Tiv Kingship, has resulted to our slow economic, cultural and political development. But Tiv leadership has also contributed immensely to this neglect through lethargy, regressive conservatism and cultural timidity. The Tiv people have failed to leverage on rare moments in history where even foreign authors credited the culture with artistic and intellectual profundity! For example explorer, Leo Frobenius in 1912,

Article source: https://www.leadership.ng/news/570584/what-the-tiv-nation-needs-from-the-tor-tiv

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