The UK Is a European Leader in Deep Web Drug Deals

Someone doing some dodgy exchange – online. (Photo: Wikimedia user Colin, via)

Me oh my, aren’t we a disobedient garland of druggies? In a new investigate conducted by RAND Europe, a not-for-profit investigate institute, a UK came tip of a pops for low web drug trafficking.

We’re second in a world, behind, obviously, a USA, with Germany and a Netherlands trailing behind in third. Though a Dutch haven’t managed to surpass Brits in a pill-popping-plant-smoking stakes, they do have a quite high thoroughness of web dealers in comparison to other countries, with 13.4 vendors per million people (the UK is 5.3).

Since a famous Silk Road was close down in 2013, and a owner Ross Ulbricht, AKA Dread Pirate Roberts, condemned to life imprisonment, drug sales on a low web have soared to triple a amount. The many ordinarily sole drug on there is weed, and a entertain of a listings are value some-more than £768 (or $1,000), that suggests that a bulk of them are being purchased for genuine life redistribution.

The sale of drugs on cryptomarketplaces on a low web generates £16 million a month, that sounds like a lot until we review it to

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