Six Indicted in Darknet Fentanyl Distribution Ring

On May 31, a Federal grand jury returned a superseding indictment that charged five more individuals in what authorities called the nation’s largest fentanyl trafficking ring. The original indictment charged only one man with fentanyl distribution, later discovered to be an Alphabay vendor. The Utah-based “group” could press several thousand pills and sold, through the darknet, to “every corner of the United States.”

The group began as only a partnership between two people—Aaron Michael Shamo and Drew Wilson Crandall. Shamo, the “principal administrator, organizer, and supervisor,” quickly took on numerous employees as the business expanded. Authorities arrested the leader, who now faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted of “knowingly and intentionally engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise,” on a federal criminal complaint from late 2016. (Not to be confused with this Utah-based fentanyl dealer.)

Individuals named in the indictment: Aaron Michael Shamo, a 27-year-old from Utah; Alexandrya Marie Tonge, a 25-year-old from Utah; Katherine Lauren Ann Bustin, a 26-year-old from Utah; Mario Anthony Noble, a 28-year-old from Utah; Sean Michael Gygi, a 27-year-old from Utah; and finally Drew Wilson Crandall, a 30-year-old from Brisbane, Australia.

Shamo and Crandall, prior to becoming the

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