OWL Cybersecurity Launches Darknet Index Reranking the Fortune 500 by Darknet Footprint and Security Threat Levels

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Published on: 19th May 2017

OWL Cybersecurity, a Denver based cybersecurity company offering the world’s largest commercially available database of darknet data, today announced the release of The OWL Cybersecurity Darknet Index Reranking the Fortune 500 using Darknet Intelligence (DARKINT ), a study that assessed each company in the 2017 Fortune 500 list and ranked each company based on company data exposed on the darknet.

The darknet is a collection of networks on the internet that are purposefully hidden, designed specifically for anonymity. Unlike the surface web (public information available to search engines) and the deep web (online information requiring credentials, like banking sites or paid firewalls), the darknet is only accessible with special tools and software. As a result, the anonymity of the darknet facilitates the exchange of large amounts of stolen and hacked data. The presence of

Article source: http://www.cellular-news.com/story/Operators/69482.php

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