Obtaining Meaningful Answers from Hidden Data of a Public Web

Austin, TX (Scicasts) — Much of a information of a World Wide Web hides like an iceberg next a surface. The supposed ‘deep web’ has been estimated to be 500 times bigger than a ‘surface web’ seen by hunt engines like Google.

For scientists and others, a low web binds critical mechanism formula and a chartering agreements. Nestled serve inside a low web, one finds a ‘dark web,’ a place where images and video are used by traders in unlawful drugs, weapons, and tellurian trafficking. A new data-intensive supercomputer called Wrangler is assisting researchers obtain suggestive answers from a dark information of a open web.

The Wrangler supercomputer got a start in response to a question, can a mechanism be built to hoop large amounts of I/O (input and output)? The National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2013 got behind this bid and awarded a Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), Indiana University, and a University of Chicago $11.2 million to build a first-of-its-kind data-intensive supercomputer. Wrangler’s 600 terabytes of lightning-fast peep storage enabled a rapid reads and writes of files indispensable to fly past large information bottlenecks that can delayed down even a fastest computers. It was built to work in tandem with

Article source: https://scicasts.com/big-data/2007-scientific-computing/12265-obtain-meaningful-answers-from-hidden-data-of-the-public-web/

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