Inside An Illicit German Weapons Ring On The Internet

[Reports on a sharpened Friday in Munich that left 9 passed contend that a gunman expected performed his weapons online illegally around a “dark net.” The following Die Welt article progressing this month covers another German case, in a city of Stuttgart, and a issues around black marketplace activity on encrypted websites.]

BERLIN — The 3 immature group knew how to make lots of money. All they indispensable was a tiny seminar during grandma’s, entrance to a Internet and a few guns that dismissed blanks.

One of them was a toolmaker. He would be a one to spin a blank-firing guns into genuine weapons, mostly Walther PK380 semi-automatic pistols. The second had a supports to buy a element indispensable for a operation. The third would assistance arrange a weapons.

And afterwards there’s Darknet, a kind of together Internet in that we can sojourn unknown or use a feign identity. That would be a ideal place to sell their homemade weapons. Later, they thought, they competence even connoisseur to large guns like a Zastava M70 or AK-47 attack rifle.

That’s a story a Stuttgart district profession pieced together after months of investigation. The suspects are German nationals — one aged 24

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