German Minister Pushing for Facial Scanning at Mass Transit Terminals

Following two terrorist attacks in the country, Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced that he wants to introduce facial recognition software at train stations and airports throughout the country.

Germany has been in a state of paranoia after two recent “acts of terror.” In one of the attacks, a teenage refugee from Pakistan attacked passengers on a train in Wurzburg with an axe. No less than a week later, a bomb was detonated at a music festival in Ansbach that resulted in 20 injuries.

Although it turned out to be nothing more than an error, a bomb threat at the Thier Galerie shopping mall in Dortmund was what initially sparked this heightened terrorism paranoia, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The police arrived at the scene and attempted to examine the camera recordings, only to find useless video footage. The mall’s operator had previously attempted to heighten video surveillance at the mall, but the request was vetoed by authorities who feared that it would be an invasion of patrons’ privacy.

“You can’t just say you want to have more cameras,” said Heike Marzen, the mall’s manager. “There are certain laws we have to follow.”

De Maiziere is aiming to change those

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