German Made Nearly 70,000 Euros Scamming 254 Victims With Fake Website

Recently, a man from Windeck, Germany was standing trial for buying a “homepage set” on the dark web, which he used to scam victims.



On May 31, a 24-year-old man from Windeck was standing before the District Court of Bonn. The prosecution charged the defendant with fraud in 254 cases and with personal injury in one case.

According to the court documents, the between October 2015 and March 2016, the 24-year-old man, who had no job at the time, financed his livelihood through a fake internet shop. As early as the beginning of 2015, he discovered the internet as a source of income and established accounts on a sales platform. Court documents stated that the 24-year-old was an active user of the dark web. During his search on the dark side of the internet, he discovered a service, offering a “homepage set”, which he bought and used to establish an online shop. According to the court records, on a website with a “fictional name”, customers were able to order electronic products from a person with a “fictional name”. From game consoles to household appliances to beer dispensing system, everything was offered at reasonable

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