Darknet markets top list

With dozens of different darknet markets battling for our attention there is more choice than ever when it comes to online black markets. However, one has to look closely at each of them in order to stay safe in this Wild West of the internet where hacks and scams are still a topical issue. Whether you are a vendor or a customer you will need a stable and secure platform to perform your business or just buy goods.

But with the amount of these markets it is an utterly mess to investigate each and make an educated choice, it could take hours to come up with a good option. That is where the darknet markets ranking comes in, darknetmarkets.info has released its new analysis of the working darknet markets you can find this year. They conducted an extensive review of the most important aspects that affects each marketplace.

The analysis is ordered as a top ranking based on the score obtained in their tests, the score is based on security, user interface and uptime scores. But this is not everything, they also checked all the features that each market has, both for vendors and customers. The user interface score includes lots of things such as the score of the marketplace’s forum, the response time of support and more.

On the issue of security, each website has been extensively tested in order to assess whether it is safe or not, aspects like automatic encryption, possible data leaks, two factor authentication and payment systems have been thoroughly investigated.

The outcome is a nicely organized list of the possible trading alternatives you can find on the darknet nowadays along with the onion links to the best Tor marketplaces.

Darknet markets top list

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