Darknet Gun Vendor Apologizes for the Munich Massacre

The darknet gun vendor who sold a weapon to the Munich gunman, one year after the massacre, confessed. Philipp K., the vendor, admitted to selling David Sonboly a Glock 17 and ammunition. He said, in his opening statement, that had he known David Sonboly truly planned “such an atrocious act,” he would not have sold him the gun.

Philipp faces nine charges of involuntary manslaughter and charges for supplying Sonboly with a Glock 17 and 450 rounds of ammunition. Although the prosecution plans to prove that Philipp knew what Sonboly had planned, Philipp denies any knowledge to that end. He admitted to the charges that he originally faced.

German law enforcement arrested Philipp only days after the Munich massacre. He then worked with the BKA to catch other darknet weapons and buyers. “He confessed and cooperated with the investigating authorities,” said a spokesman for the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s Office.

The original charges, according to Georg Ungefuk, from the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office of Frankfurt, were “issued only because of the violation of the arms laws.” The later charges came from “further investigation of the secured communication from the supposed arms dealer on the Darknet

Article source: https://www.deepdotweb.com/2017/09/14/darknet-gun-vendor-apologizes-munich-massacre/

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