‘Dark net’ Islamic preachers underneath comprehension lens

KOZHIKODE: After nailing argumentative reverend Zakir Naik, comprehension agencies and a National Investigation Agency (NIA) are now after a new multiply of preachers who have turn active in amicable media by airing videos with discourses instigating community hatred.

Intelligence officers pronounced a organisation of new preachers was aping a ‘bayans’ (discourses and lectures) of radical Islamic preachers like Anwar Awlaki, Abdu Sami Qasmi, Meraj Rabbani, Tausif ur Rehman and Jerjees Ansari. “With coercion agencies upping a notice in amicable media, a videos are being circulated regulating dim net by Tor browser, use of encryption applications such as Orbot, Amn al Mujahid (an encryption programme by Al-Fajr Media Centre, an disdainful distributor of Al Qaeda’s Propaganda), Chatsecure, Telegram and encrypted emails systems,” a officers added.

In Kerala, a videos are extensively circulated locally by a network overdue devotion to Jhund ul Khilafa Fi Bilad Al Hind (Army of a Caliph from south India). State comprehension reliable that a IS operatives in Asia had determined a corner operation charge force and was into substantiating a network of like-minded girl by promulgation a links of jihadi sites like Jihadology.net, Al-Shabab media and Just-Paste-it links. “Video footages of fight between a cadre of a IS and

Article source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/2017/jan/12/dark-net-islamic-preachers-under-intelligence--lens-1558736.html

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