Counterfeit Euro Buyer From Réunion Arrested In Joint Austrian And French Investigation

After Austrian law enforcement authorities dismantled a gang selling high-quality counterfeit euros on the dark web, a man from Saint-Paul, Réunion was arrested for buying multiple fake euro bills from the criminal gang. The defendant is also suspected of selling some of the notes to local customers for a profit.



Réunion is an island and region of France located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. The island has a population of nearly 850,000 people and is an overseas department of France.

It is an unusual case, where multiple law enforcement authorities were involved, including the Austrian police, local law enforcement in Réunion, and the Central Office For Combatting Counterfeiting, which is located in Paris, France. The investigation started when Austrian authorities contacted their colleagues in Paris, saying that they had busted a criminal group in Austria, which had an impressive traffic of counterfeit currency flowing from the country to abroad. Austrian law enforcement authorities reported that the criminals pressed large amounts of counterfeit 20, 50, 100 euro bills and sold them over the dark web. According to police information,

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