Blockchain Voting & The Future Of Democracy

Blockchain voting can offer a myriad of benefits that would completely transform the face of democracy in the 21st century. Nowadays, voting is mostly carried out using paper based systems which despite their inexpensiveness and accessibility have two major setbacks; firstly, paper voting systems are almost entirely dependent on the honesty and security of personnel supervising the procedure; secondly, paper voting systems have a scalability problem which can be reflected on the accuracy of the results of the voting procedure. On the other hand, combining paper voting systems with electronic voting can open the door for counterfeiting the results of the elections by the government or 3rd parties. Consequently, the blockchain technology represents a scalable solution to the problems affecting today’s voting systems via offering a fraud-proof mechanism for electronic voting.



Why Do We Need Blockchain Voting?

On the 9th of December, 2016, an article, published on The New York Times, stated that the CIA had solid evidence that Russian intelligence agencies had covertly acted in the 2016 US Presidential race to increase the winning chances of Donald Trump. Furthermore, Trump claimed that the presidential race was

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