‘Banking on Bitcoin’ is a latest Bitcoin documentary

Bitcoin’s latest full-feature documentary, Banking on Bitcoin, was recently expelled on Video-on-Demand services Amazon and iTunes, as good as in a singular series of museum screens. Directed and co-written by Christopher Cannuccia, a 90-minute film was constructed by Gravitas Ventures.

The many new movie-length documentary about a materialisation of Bitcoin dives deeply into a cryptocurrency’s roots, exploring a Cypherpunks who determined a margin before Satoshi Nakamoto came along.

The film covers all of a early cost hype, a Silk Road drama, a MtGox fallout, as good as some some-more new happenings in 2015, when a mainstream banking universe started branch to a technology. The executive thesis of a film, however, focuses on law and mainstream bitcoin adoption.

Particular courtesy is given to a events surrounding a Jan 2014 New York Department of Financial Services hearings on bitcoin, and a afterwards Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky. Both sides of a chartering evidence are listened from several viewpoints.

Nathaniel Popper, a author of a a best-selling book “Digital Gold,” explained in a film that “A lot of companies complained that a regulations were too fatiguing for them to work in New York and still make money.”

Article source: http://bravenewcoin.com/news/banking-on-bitcoin-is-the-latest-bitcoin-documentary/

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