Airports in London are Blocking Access to Tor

In what appears to be an excellent example of the ongoing censorship in the UK, security researchers have discovered multiple airports in London are preventing access to the Tor Project’s website. The Tor Project, for those unaware, is the organization  primarily responsible for maintaining the Tor, a web browser that sends traffic through an anonymous network. Not only does the network block access to the Tor Project’s home page, but also blocks traffic to where the Tor Project’s operating system, Tails, is located.


So far, only the Heathrow and Stansted airports have been confirmed to be restricting access to Tor related sites, but there’s no reason the trend would end with those two. To get a better understanding of what was going on, Motherboard reached out to Heathrow Airport but very little was learned.

When viewing the FAQ for Heathrow Airport’s wireless network, third-party filtering services  “will automatically block access to certain types of websites and content which is deemed as inappropriate.” The filtering service, come to find out, is done voluntarily by Arqiva, a major British telecommunication company. Arqiva

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