200 million Yahoo user sum adult for sale on Darknet

Based on a representation performed by , that initial pennyless a news of a intensity breach, detached from usernames and dates of birth, a information dump includes such supportive information as passwords, backup email addresses, nation of start and even ZIP codes for some users.

All of these ‘handy’ sum are accessible for only 3 bitcoin, or approximately US$1,800.


Motherboard checked a tiny representation of a certification – some dual dozen annals – to learn that many of a tested Yahoo usernames are related to tangible accounts. However, messages sent to some 100 of a addresses in a representation set were bounced behind as undeliverable. This might be due to a fact that a listed information was “most likely” from 2012, as a advert on Darknet claimed, and some accounts might have been deleted given then. 

The inventory also pronounced that passwords performed were hashed with an MD5 algorithm, a password-storing process that is famous to be simply hacked nowadays.

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