17 Million Affected in Zomato Hack: Passwords and Emails No Longer Safe

The dark web, or the deep web as some might call it, is a place on the Internet where most users have never ventured. It’s also a place filled with illegal activity as hackers and other criminals seek buyers of their latest catch.

Recently, a hacker and a vendor who goes by the name ‘nclay’ claims to have hacked a company known as Zomato and is selling 17 million data linked to registers users from the same company. We understand ‘nclay’ is selling the data on one of the popular marketplaces found on the deep web.

According to a report from HackRead, the data in question consists of passwords hashes and emails of all 17 million registered users. Furthermore, the hacker has chosen to sell the entire package for the cool price of $1,001.43.

To prove the legitimacy of his claim, the hacker decided to share a sample data for public viewing to HackRead. The publication went on to investigate the claim and concluded that each account on the list is registered to Zomato.

This is a huge blow to Zomato and all of its registered users. There’s a good chance

Article source: https://techdigg.com/2017/05/19/17-million-affected-in-zomato-hack-passwords-and-emails-no-longer-safe/

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